I (heart) Third Graders

Have I ever mentioned how much I love 3rd grade?  Not to discredit my 1st graders (I say “my” loosely… no, I don’t have “my own” class but I consider the 3 classrooms I service “my” kids)… but I just love 3rd grade.  This week they are starting their Pioneer theme unit and each year they “weave” headbands and wear those on a field trip to visit a log cabin etc..

Today I was helping a small group with their weaving (yes, my bachelor’s degree haaarrrrd at work today HAHA!) and the small group I had was just cracking me up.  We’ve learned they like to chit chat while “weaving”… much like women gab and chit chat and gossip while scrapbooking or knitting etc etc.

One kiddo in my group is such a happy kid (he’s one I regularly pull from class for small group instruction) and I learned today is quite the singer.  We were in the hall with 3 other kids and he had the group all singing throughout the afternoon.  They were singing songs from “On the road again” to Eminem to Carrie Underwood to Black Eyed Peas to “Proud to be an American”.  It was so cute to listen to their little off tune voices singing without inhibition. I love 3rd graders 🙂

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