Don’t mind us…

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up wishing I could just lay in bed allll day.  However, I had missed last weeks service at church b/c I was working in Hudson’s class so I really wanted to go today.  I decided we’d throw on some clothes and grunge it for a day.

Unfortunately, my new yoga pants were in the laundry so I wore my old black ones- which I found out too late that they had a hole in the knee (just a small pencil eraser sized hole but STILL!!).  Old black yoga pants + chocolate brown Uggs + black maternity peacoat.  Niiiice.

And we got to church and realized none of us had brushed our teeth (EWWWW) and once Porter took his hat off I noticed the terrible bed head he had going on.  I’m talking frizzed up, matted, spikey mess in the back.  EEEEK!

I DID manage, however, to wet down and brush out Hudson’s bed head before leaving the house.  I may or may not have used a dog brush because I was too lazy to go upstairs, but even if I did… it was purchased at Target in the people section.  And I cleaned it out first.  That counts, right?

So yes, we were a mess at church.  Good thing God doesn’t judge!  And good thing Westwinds is about as laid back as it can get and its pretty dark in the auditorium for service.

Next week I’ll try to look presentable, mmmkay?

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Definitely laughing with you!If it makes you feel better, I noticed while I was halfway through the communion line on Sunday, my shirt was tucked into my underwear. And I had on skinny jeans so I am sure it was obvious. Awesome. God doesn't judge but I bet my fellow church-goers did. HAHAHAHA!

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