{30 Days of 30} Day 1: Your Favorite Song

Your Favorite Song

My favorite song changes by the season… though I love anything by Coldplay, Christina Perri, The Fray and Jack Johnson.  I can’t choose just one.  I just can’t.

If I had to choose my favorite for TODAY, it would be Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.”  I know, I just blogged this yesterday.

Another all-time-favorite is Rob Thomas “These Little Wonders “(hence blog banner).  This song reminds me of 2008 and always will.

Other favorites:
Jason Mraz- Details in the Fabric
Coldplay:  The Scientist, Christmas Lights, Yellow, Fix You
Jack Johnson: Cocoon, Dreams be Dreams, Holes to Heaven, Gone, Fortunate Fool,
David Crowder Band:  All That I Can Say
Florence + The Machine:  Shake Shake Shake It Out
NeedToBreathe: Lay Em Down

Oh so many favorites.

  1. Some great songs!! I love love love the band NeedToBreathe. They are my running anthem. Gives me goosebumps. I was thinking a song from their album would be perfect for your slideshow too.

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