Thursday Thursday

  • Anyone else watch Private Practice?  The story with Mason and his mom dying is SO SO sad.  Makes my heart break.  I can’t imagine being Erica and having to choose between dying alone and knowing you wouldn’t see your son again, or letting him see her shut down and die.  And Mason… I can’t imagine either of my boys being told they couldn’t see me again.  Heartbreaking!  You bet I bawled like a baby when they said goodbye.  
  • My feet.  They are so so fat.  This is at 8:30am.  Sausage toes and swollen ankles.  ICK.  

  • And speaking of feet… I painted my toes the other day for the first time since last summer.  Hudson was intrigued and wanted his toes painted too.  He wanted red, but I didn’t have any red.  So he wanted pink.  Ryan was not too happy, but Hudson LOVES his pink toenails.  Its hilarious.   And of course when we went to my doctor’s appointment he wanted to wear flip flops.  HAHA! 
  • Hudson and I spent the afternoon and early evening at the hospital.  I was sent from my routine appointment to L&D and then to have a BPP.  Details on baby’s blog. 
  • Anyone out there have a front loading washer?  I swear ours stinks (literally).  If laundry isn’t swapped over right away they tend to have this weird smell.  Mildewy, kind of.  Ryan has ran different cleaners that are specifically to clean front load washers but still… laundry tends to stink.  UGH.  

  1. max LOVES his fingers and toes painted too. pink, or red, or whatever. tom is not too happy about it either. :)glad everything is okay with baby girl!

  2. How cute are Hudson's toes? My boys have never asked to have their toes painted but they love picking out colors for me. As for the washer thing…I don't have a front loader but we've has the same problem. If the clothes are still smelling, wash them with a cup of vinegar and a little bit of baking soda to get the smell out (might take a few times). If you've done the washer cleaner it's prob just the smell remaining in the clothes.

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