Friday Madness

Friday morning Porter’s school was cancelled.  A high school teacher/coach had passed away in the middle of the night.  So so sad.  He was only 48, and a well liked person in our community.  While I felt terrible for the reason he was off school, it was so nice to have my 3 babies all home with me.  It was just like “old times” when I had Fridays with both boys.  Only this time Amelia was here too!

Our day was a bit dramatic.  Here are a few highlights (and some pictures to go with!)

Amelia was super needy throughout the morning.

The boys were in the front yard playing and climbing the tree.  I hear banging and laughter.  I look out and find a stool being thrown around the yard and Hudson peeing.  Nice.

Cooper ripped a hole in the fence and escaped.  The boys were insanely worried and wanted me to load up the van and drive all over God’s green earth to find him.  Sorry…. not gonna do it.  He’ll come back.  Porter had this great idea that just killed me.  “Mom, I’ll draw a picture of a bird and tape it to a stick and Cooper will see it and want to chase it and he’ll come back!”  And so he put his idea into action.  So so cute.

Then Mr. Mischief (Hudson) dumped out some of our art supplies in the dining room.  He said he was making me a project.  Mmmkay.  He told me he was picking out all the hearts.   I let him “create” for a bit then asked him to clean up.  Well… this is Hudson we’re talking about.   Stubborn and lazy.  Porter even helped him clean up a bit but Hudson refused to finish the last few bits.  So, I let him sit there pouting.

During this standoff, Cooper had come back and was filthy- he’d been running through the swamp.  Porter and I decided to give the dogs a bath outside.

I came back in to find Amelia screaming and Hudson screaming, still refusing to finish picking up.  He cried and screamed for over an hour that “his belly hurts!” and “I’m hungry!”  all the while his lunch sat on the counter waiting for him to get over himself.  Yes, this boy would rather cry and scream and gag for an hour than just clean up his mess to begin with.  He did finally clean up…. momma always wins.  🙂

It was definitely naptime by now.  We had plans to go to the Cruise In for the evening. It is a monthly event where the streets in downtown are blocked off and all sorts of old and new cars are shown off.  There are super old cars from the 1940’s to brand new Transformer edition Mustangs.  Lots of eye candy for my guys, that’s for sure.  We headed downtown around 6:30 and spent a good hour and a half checking out cars.


  1. Hey Nic-I'm finally caught up! I took a brief break from reading blogs. Ameila is BEAUTIFUL and love the name! Don't you hate those fits kids can throw. But, I agree, you have to wait it out and “win” otherwise you have more trouble on your hands! Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Haha, your pictures and stories to go along with them made me laugh! I'm still in awe of moms with more than two kids…you seem so calm!

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