Memorial Day Celebrations

All weekend I’ve been bummed we aren’t camping.  Although, it is 90+ degrees out and I’m sure if we WERE camping I’d be complaining that it was too hot and sleeping in a sweltering tent would be miserable.  But still… I’m sad we aren’t camping.  (not sad we aren’t camping in this heat).  Next year I’ll get my shit together and make camping reservations way ahead of time.  Like in January.  Serious. 
Saturday evening the Huffs had brought their troop of little guys over and the Dawsons joined us after a birthday party.  Our little get together started out great but Jane and Adam had barely downed a couple hot dogs when poor Jilli Bean fell off our climber and broke her ankle.  To say we feel terrible it happened at our house is an understatement. Jane and Katie headed off to the ER with Jilli and Adam took the other girlies home. 

It’s so crazy to think these boys have known each other their entire lives.   Porter and Donnie became buds at the ripe old age of 3 weeks and 9 weeks and the rest is history.  I love this group of little dudes.

The wild boys finished off the evening on the trampoline… I was pretty sure we’d be joining Jane and Katie with more broken bones from these wild guys.

Today we met up with the Tappans in Spring Arbor for the Memorial Day Parade.  I thought it’d be crazy busy but we found a nice quiet tree to sit under near the end of the parade route and we had the yard of a dorm building essentially all to our selves.  It was hot, but the shade + breeze made it very tolerable and we had a great time.  We decided to skip the festivities that were by the church (bounce house, face painting… essentially all the FUN part… HAHA!)  because we knew it’d be hot on the pavement and crowded and I soo wasn’t about to crowd with others in the heat.

All weekend Porter has been playing with the neighbors’ grandkids.  The two families by us that have kids are away this weekend, but the other two neighbors happened to each have a granddaughter visiting so he played with Julia all day yesterday and has been playing with Makenna all afternoon today.  

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