6 weeks

Today Amelia is 6 weeks old.  I can’t believe how fast this time has flown by.  If I worked a “normal” job and had only a 6 week maternity leave I’d be going back to work right now.  No way would I be ready.  Now since I work a school schedule, I’m off for the summer (awesome timing, right?!)… lucky me (only… the past 6 weeks were unpaid, as is the summer.  Ick.).  I know this summer is going to fly by and soon I’ll be heading back to work.  Boo.  I so so so wish I could stay at home.  I’ve even been contemplating trying to figure out a way we could make it by without me working.  Only… that’s what we’d be doing.  Just “making it by”… and we literally wouldn’t be able to do a thing else but the necessities.  I don’t know.  I’m loving this stay at home deal.  I’m loving being home with my babies and spending the day with them.  I’m loving not having to get up and rush to get ready for work and take the kids to daycare/school.  I’m loving the thought that when the weekend ends it doesn’t mean my time at home has ended…. it just means the beginning of a week where I’m home all day too.  This fall Amelia will go to Miss Marleen’s, and Marleen is already giddy with excitement to have her.  She’s “her baby” already and I am so glad I know Amelia will be well loved and taken care of while I work.  But I still wish for a bit that it could be different.  That it was me home.  *sigh*

This weekend was full of relaxing and laziness.  Some highlights, thoughts, randomness…

  • Did lots of garage sale-ing this weekend (with Marleen).  I looove getting good deals.  This is disgusting to admit but I have clothes up to 3T for Amelia already!  99% of it I’ve bought at garage sales or resale shops, so I haven’t paid full price at all.  And it is CUTE stuff- Gap, Seventy Seven, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Carter’s…. I can’t wait for her to wear it but then again, I wish she’d stay little!
  • I found chairs (2) for our kitchen island for $4/each.  I’m going to sand and paint them.  They’ll look fabulous.
  • We have amazing, wonderful neighbors!  Our neighbors to the east of us are about our parents’ age (they have kids about our age), and though we have other neighbors our age, we’ve become closest with Gary and Linda.  They love our kids…. they’re so so good to them.  On the other side of them is Eian and Kennedy’s house, who our kids play with quite often.  So, our kids, or E and K, are constantly running through their yard.  My boys often stop at G&L’s for popsicles and treats.  Linda LOVES Amelia.  When we are over there she doesn’t let her go.  Saturday Ry wandered over there, and the kids and I popped in to say hi too.  Ry and Linda were chatting on their deck, so we stayed for a bit.  Had some drinks, they were cooking a turkey.  Ry’s dad was planning on grilling out with us but G&L invited all of us to stay and eat with them.  I ran home and whipped up some mashed potatoes, grabbed my bottle of margaritas, a bottle for Amelia and some fresh strawberries. It was such a nice feeling that we all just meshed together and the kids were running around, the neighbor kids were dropping by snacking on strawberries… life is good.
  • Aubri turned 7 on Friday and today I went shopping to get her a sundress for her birthday.  I knew Target had some adorable sundresses (and clothes, in general) in the toddler/baby section, so I assumed I’d find similar in the bigger girls as well.  Oh no.  I walked into the girls’ clothing and was immediately having flashbacks of my childhood…. neon pink, green, yellow and orange…. stars and laser slashes and mish mash of colors and geometric designs.  Leggings and big t-shirts.  AAACK!!  I couldn’t find anything worthy of being worn on my darling 7 year old niece, and settled on an orange sun-dress that faded color from bottom to top.  A little boho-ish.  This neon, though… omg.  It belongs on a bar sign.  It is not flattering…. on anyone.  ICK.  If this is all I have to choose from when Amelia is that size, I’ll be making her clothes.
  • I’m thinking of re-painting our livingroom.  A greige color.  Greige.  yes.  Grey-ish Beige-ish.  We’ll see how that goes.
  •  All day today I kept thinking of things to blog, thinking I needed to write them down (but not writing them down) and now I’m trying to blog and can’t remember.   I hate that.
  • Our town has a board called “Jackson For Sale Board” and I am so addicted.  There are over 2,000 members and people post things they want to sell.  Its like Craigslist but… not.  No, no… its like a live, online garage sale!  I check it so many times a day… and I feel like I have to keep checking because I might miss something good!  HAHAHA!  Terrible.  Terrible.
  • I’m also addicted to this Scramble game on my iPhone.  Its like Boggle, kind of?
  • I’m trying to get back into the routine of scrapbooking.  I ordered Amelia’s albums, got some collages (my monthly collages, and Amelia’s monthly collage, and Hudson’s annual 3-yr collage) ordered and put into albums.  I’m so behind on Project Life, but I’m really trying to start doing it weekly.  I need to make it a priority.  I so love looking back on my scrapbooks, and the boys really love it too.  
I shouldn’t leave without a picture.  Here is one of Amelia at 14 days old.  *sigh*… I wish she could stay tiny forever.  

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