Amelia Jane | 5 Months

  • Scoots around on her back…. leans her head back, pushes her feet and scoots backwards.  I found her today jammed up against the brick by the fireplace.  Comfy!
  • She grabs at everything.  She loves touching things.
  • She can pick her paci up and put it in and out of her mouth.  SO CUTE!  She is not holding her bottle yet (Boo!)
  • She sleeps a good 10-12 hours a night.  She is usually tired by 7ish, but sometimes a little earlier, sometimes later.   She is usually up around 7am.
  • Have I mentioned she’s like the EASIEST baby ever?  She really does not fuss… unless she is tired, hungry or has a poopy diaper.  When she’s tired she likes to be held.  She will stay up if I hold her/walk around with her.  Her poor eyes will droop.  When she is laid in bed she likes her paci and blanket, and she rolls over and is out.  She’s so easy!
  • She does not, however, take very long naps.  They’re max an hour long.   I hope she’ll start stretching her afternoon one out to 2-3 hours eventually!!
  • She is SO SO smiley!  Wherever I take her people comment on how happy she is.  She IS!   You just look at her and say hi or something and she gives you the BIGGEST grin.   It’s darling.   She smiles with her eyes, too, and it just melts my heart.   Sweetest face ever.
  • She is LOUD.  We call her Loudy (like the oh so original named penguin on Mr. Popper’s Penguins).  She talks a lot when she gets tired.  Its literally yelling, but not to the point where it is fussy sounding.  Just… babbling at a very high volume.  So. Darn. Loud.  I need to get video of it and post!
  • Right now she wears 3, 3-6 and 6 month clothing.  She wears size 3 diapers but REALLY needs size 2.  Only, I stocked up on 3’s and when I ran out of 2’s I have been too lazy to go buy more.  So, she has had a few leaks and we have to strap them on really tight LOL!   She eats 6oz bottles about every 3-4 hours.

  1. I love her little tongue!!!!! reminds me so much of Porter when he was little!!! She is the most beautiful baby girl in the world!!!! Her temperament reminds me of you when you were little also!!! Such a good baby!!! I miss her!!!!

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