Wandom Wednesday

  • Hudson is really really liking school right now.  He was bummed Monday because it wasn’t a school day.  This is HUGE, folks.  He’s usually so clingy to me.  I am hoping that next year when he is in K that he will be just as brave!
  • I can’t believe Amelia is 5 months old.  This blows my mind.
  • The whole swearing videos debacle has been taken care of.  I’ll post more on that later.
  • Monday night after dinner I asked Porter if he wanted to go running with me.  He was so excited.  He made it an entire mile, though it was not without multiple distractions.  run run run kick skip oooh a bottle cap!  run run run i can’t run i’m tired run run run oooh a rock throw rock run run pick up another rock run run skip trip on asphalt run run.  yeah.
  • Our schedule at home is leveling out a little bit.  Amelia has been taking a morning nap around 9 and then I’ve been able to hold her off for her afternoon nap until noon/when we get back home. However, she doesn’t sleep for a super long time.  I’d like a good 2 hour nap, please!!
  • My productivity, however, has not been going so hot.  I’m not sure why I feel less productive now that I have more time at home.  And my house is always trashed!   I’m serious… it’s SO BAD.  
  • I’ve been contemplating a new pricing structure for my photography business.  Pricing is always such a tough issue.  I’ve noticed a lot of photogs going the route of “flat fee photography” (aka…. The fabulous Betsy King charges $975 and you get the session and disc of images plus a 5×7 of each image in a keepsake box) which would be so nice because I hate hate hate sorting client orders and repackaging/shipping.  It’d make my life simpler.  But I’m not sure how to price.  Hmmm.  
  • I have Amelia’s halloween costume picked out/bought…. last Friday Hudson, Amelia and I met Lori in Canton to shop at Once Upon A Child and then go to Ikea.  I, for once, did not buy that many clothes for Amelia (couldn’t have anything to do with the terrible Matilda Jane obsession that has taken over me…. regular clothes just don’t seem very cute anymore).  I did get her an adorable black kitty costume for Halloween for a whopping $6!!!  YAY!  I also got some great deals at Ikea- a 4 cube Expedit (yesssss… ANOTHER Expedit!) for our living room to put shoes in.   See!  Expedit shelves are good for everything!  I bought some Itso (??) fabric boxes at Target and the boys each have a shoe bin, Ry and I have one and then one for mittens (eventually Amelia will take over our shoe bin).  

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