More time

Since the holidays I feel like I’ve been in a never ending grumpy slump.  I feel like I have normal days where I feel great- I’m patient with the kids, I am productive, optimistic and happy.  And then I have days on end where I feel antisocial, grumpy, short of temper, irritable and critical.  I can’t really pinpoint what’s going on… I feel like I’m having a setback, I’m falling back to old habits and not using skills I’ve worked so hard at building up.

I promise you the world again
Everything within my hands
All the riches one could dream
they will come from me

I’ve been decluttering and cleaning and I know, from past experience, that this is a coping mechanism.  I do this when I feel out of control.  It is something I can control and get instant gratification from when I feel like other things are beyond my control.  I can’t pinpoint what, though, or what has set me off.

I know part of it has to do with the season.  It’s winter.  We don’t have any snow so its ugly, dead and grey out.

Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and we’ll be fine
So say whats on your mind
Cause I can’t figure out just what’s inside. 

Business is slow.  Wait, no.  Non-existant.  Which stresses me out.  I refuse to give up, but I can’t help but feel defeated at the moment.  We have big plans for this year and I’m uncertain as to how those plans will pan out if my hard work and effort into my business does not pan out.   Ryan is stressed.  I am stressed.

I hope that you could understand
That this is not what I had planned
Please don’t worry now
It will turn around

And honestly, our house is cluttered.  Just a month past the holidays and my kid again were over-blessed with toys galore.  Everywhere I look there are piles and stacks and bags and boxes of things that need to go here or there.

I’m failing miserably at managing a daily schedule.  I find I don’t have time for the things I NEED to do, and I’m spending time on things that aren’t a necessity.  I’m not spreading my time out… its gung ho on one thing and one thing only.  I’m failing at micromanaging.  This stresses me out.

So say alright
Cause I know we can make it if we try
I need more time
Just a few more months and we’ll be fine. 

Something I have begun recently is Digital Project Life.  So far, 3 weeks in, I am feeling very accomplished and in control of one area of my life that I am desperate to stay on top of.  In addition to feeling good about 2013, I’ve been able to catch up with multiple weeks from 2012 within the past 2 to 3 weeks.  Sure, these layouts aren’t as great as traditional paper layouts with all the artifacts and dimensional goodies, but they’re done and I can print and put them in my albums.  I am hoping I can stay on top of this and try to keep it simple.  My family’s memories are so important to me and so important to have printed and in an album.  The kids adore looking at their albums, too.

Cause I need more time
Just a few more months and we’ll be fine
So say whats on your mind
Cause I can’t figure out just what’s inside. 

Here are a few of my pages I’ve created.   And, if you’re interested in Digital Scrapbooking or Digital Project Life, shoot me an email (nic073 a-t- yahoo d-o-t com) and I’d love to fill you in on how it works!

  1. i'm already a week behind on this 🙂 finished week 1 but not 2! errr… wait, it's monday! i guess i'm now 2 weeks behind! hoping i can catch up this week.

  2. I just ordered a project life mini album for my 5 year old son. Thought it might be good for him to have a place to keep all his random “treasures” – tickets, drawings, ribbons from sports stuff, etc. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic!

  3. I so LOOOOOVE your PL pages. It makes me want to do mine digitally since I have yet to EVER finish an entire years worth of pages. They look so great!

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