Just another Manic Monday

I actually feel like I got something accomplished today and that feels GOOD!

Hudson doesn’t have preschool on Mondays so he was home all day. Honestly, I prefer him to just be home all day and I think, to tell you the truth, if I had to do it all over again I’d have kept him home this year and (forced) myself to do my own preschool curriculum.  It’d have saved me $150/month and the hassle of packing up the kids and taking him to school at noon, and then packing up the baby again at 3 to pick him up.   Oh well… what’s done is done.

Anyhow…. I’m already planning a fab 5th birthday party for Hudson.   He’s really into painting/art right now so we’re going to have a painting party!  I’m going to actually put some effort into planning his party because the last few years he’s done Lightning McQueen parties and they’ve literally been bo-ring to plan for.  Not to mention I’ve put in minimal effort.  

What was I saying?   Oh yes… the party….. I have lots of ideas… I’m super excited about it!   Today we painted a big “5” on cardboard.  We’re going to have a photobooth, face painting (per the birthday boys request) and painting a canvas picture.   Super duper fun stuff!   I love Pinterest…. have I said that yet??

What else did I accomplish today?  Oh yes…. Duncan.  Duncan Duncan Duncan.   He was looking like a polar bear, and his hair was getting matted on his hips where he laid down.  I wasn’t wanting to spend $50-$60 on his haircut (so many other things I could use that for right now!), so I decided to play doggy groomer myself.   Hacked up his hair.  I sure did!  I did wash him after this and brush him out, and he looks SO much better.  Not too bad, really.  

Hudson was being such a good listener today and was really campaigning to take his rest on the couch. He talked me into it by voluntarily picking out some books and reading on the couch while I got Amelia ready for her nap.   By this time I’d battled ants (ugh… ants are back AGAIN… every darn spring….. I tried something new this time.  Borax + Sugar + Water.   Currently I have about 100 ants in a pile on my office floor sucking up this concoction.  They’ll either die tonight or be back tomorrow for more sweet treats.) and was feeling exhausted so I laid down with Hudson on the couch.  This weekend he found the little mini pocket bible that each of the kids have and has been carrying it around.  (Overheard this weekend, as Porter asked Hudson to help him clean up toys.  “In a minute, Porter.  I’m reading this book.  Called.  The BIBLE.”  Cue the sassiness as he said THE BIBLE haha!).  He asked me to read some of the bible so I got through part of Genesis and decided to go get his kids bible and read him a few of those stories.  Then we headed upstairs and I took a good hour nap.  Much needed!  
I also managed to slip in a little mini session with my kiddos for a prop shoot I needed to get done for my From Her Lens photography group (more on that later!).   It didn’t turn out as great as I’d envisioned but oh well….
The weather was fabulous today.  I really want to mow the friggin lawn… we have patches that grow longer than others and it sooo needs to be cut.   However, the drive belt or something broke on the lawnmower so it’s out of commission right now.    The boys had a blast all evening outside.   They rode scooters, pushed Amelia around in the blue car, had McKenna over to play for a bit and played on the swingset.   My yard looked a mess by the end of the day but that just means we had a good day, right??   
Ry’s dad came over for dinner, and afterward I went grocery shopping.  WHEW.   Finally sat down at the end of the day around 9pm and then chatted photo biz stuff with Carrie for a few hours.  Long long day, but I feel pretty accomplished, so that’s good.  

  1. Wow.Don't really know what else to say.Sounds like one of those days you just have to step back and laugh and shake your head at.But that's coming from someone who didn't spend the day with your boys! ;)Hope day 2 is a million times better for you!!

  2. HOLY HELL.you didn't need any pictures with this, you painted it perfectly with your words. DUDE. hope your week improves! i mean, it has to … right? 🙂

  3. OMG!! I think i would have lost it I mean lost it. I think santa claus would have heard me yelling from the north pole and let me tell ya the f word would have flown! Yup they would have to put me in a pretty white jacket after something lik that!!

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