2nd birthday | eloise claire

With 4 kids, whose birthdays are February, April, May + May, I’m burnt out on birthday parties by the time we hit Eloises’ (which is last, on May 24th). Last year I threw together a Red, White and Blue decor party because we had family coming over for Memorial Day. This year, we skipped parties for the 3 big kids and took them on birthday trips instead… so I’m not necessarily partied-out this year, but we’ve been busy!!

Eloise loves Minnie Mouse, so Minnie Party it is! I have such a hard time around my kids’ birthdays… I always get anxious and crabby and I think part of it is the not wanting them to grow up, and part of it is wanting to make sure they feel so special on their day. I found myself ordering a cake for her from a bakery, and not flinching when she told me it would be $75. Seriously? Who the hell buys a $75 cake for a 2 year olds birthday party?! This mom, I guess. I also left Party City with a giant Minnie Mouse balloon that was about 4ft tall. Why? Hell if I know. I guess it made me feel like I was doing something special for her? She loved it though. I swear, mom guilt (over what??) makes you do crazy things to appease the soul.

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