she’s found her words

It took a lot longer for you get start saying words that make any sort of sense.  You took SO long to say mama, and at 15-18 months old you really only had a couple words you would say.   If you were our first child, you’d have a monthly list of words you could say, with phonetic pronunciation.  But, alas, you’re our sweet caboose and as always I’m devastatingly behind in documenting life anymore.  I’m sorry, bug.  I love you to pieces and I hope you always know that.
Somewhere around 18 months you started picking up new words here and there, and around 20-22 months you kind of took off.  In the past month (23-24 months) you have been putting words together.  We first noticed this when we were at the beach for spring break.  You were putting a few words together and saying new words.  It was like a switch flipped.  We always knew you had it in ya, kid!  We adore listening to you talk.  You have the sweetest little voice.
Poe Poe Poe!: Porter
‘Essie (Bessie): Hudson
Sissy: Amelia
e-fly: butterfly
eeee-plop: flip flops
Lillies: kitties
Nah nah: her bun bun (bunny)
fink: drink
Shoe bows: her red sandals with bows
Uhhhh go oussside:  I want to go outside
Words we can understand easily:


I adore hearing her talk!  Her little voice is so precious.  It’s also going to be nice to be able to communicate with her… she KNOWS what she wants, but can’t always communicate it with us, which ends up with her being frustrated and throwing tantrums.   It’s onward and upward from here!

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