when influenza hits

This nugget is down for the count. I was just thinking the other day that we’d made it to March without anyone being sick this winter. Seriously. Not even sniffly noses and hacking coughs for more than a couple days. We hit up 3 different flights + Disney World and came back healthy 👊🏻.

But Thursday, it hit. Lulu woke up with a temp of 101 and puking. I knew deep down it wasn’t Norovirus.  She only threw up until around 1pm, and then was just lethargic with fever.  Sure enough, Friday morning her temp rose .  I took her in to the doctor and it was confirmed- the dreaded Influenza A.

Now, some of you may be thinking….”oh. But you use oils. Aren’t they supposed to prevent illness and you never get sick?” Nope. Not true.  We get sick, just not that often.  In our home, there is a place for both modern medicine AND natural medicine.  Modern medicine, doctors and nurses are amazing, and so important in so many ways.  But we love and trust nature’s medicine as well and have seen it help us over and over.  It never has to be either or, you guys. When we do get sick, I know we have an arsenal of ways to help support our body systems and help our bodies heal naturally.

Little Lu’s fever was up to 104* Friday (Day 2 of flu) and we’ve been able to keep her comfortable with Motrin and Tylenol.  Peppermint oil was helping drop her temp a degree or two on Thursday, but it wasn’t allowing her to rest or be completely comfortable. (We only do Tylenol/Motrin when noticeably uncomfortable or unable to rest).  She’s taking oscillococcinum, elderberry syrup, Ningxia Red and we’re supporting her respiratory and immune system with oils every few hours.   Thursday night I did a Raindrop on her.  We are all loading up on Elderberry syrup, vitamins, supplements, Ningxia Red, and using oils every couple ours down our spines.

Friday morning she woke up raring to go.  I’d last given her Motrin around midnight, and her fever stayed to 99-100* all day Friday.   She was, oddly, her normal, cheerful, active self!  In the afternoon, she woke up from her nap coughing a bit raspy, so I applied some oils that help support the respiratory system (hyssop, RC, myrtle and Exodus II) and gave her another Raindrop.

We may all end up sick. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It may get way worse. But I feel confident in being able to help us trudge through this as quickly as possible and in being able to support our bodies while it fights off this nasty virus.  Ultimately, I’m so impressed with how well her immune system has fought this off!

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