i’m sorry for the things i said when mercury was in retrograde.

It’s back. Mercury is in retrograde.  Let me nerd out on you for a minute. .
Mercury retrograde is where the planet appears to be moving backward in its orbit. Times of mercury retrograde get a bad rap because it can be a disruptive force, causing frustrations in day to day life.  I remember last year Mercury was in retrograde the end of March (over our spring break + beginnings of April) and holy. Moly. I felt like we had constant things popping up (big and small)… #1 we were on a major road trip and the entire week of vacation just felt so… “off”.  And then I read about mercury retrograde and it all made sense! Mercury is known as the planet of day-to-day expression, communication, coding, shipping and travel.

Well, Mercury is back in retrograde right now, so if the past few days have been crazy for you, buckle up, the next three weeks may be crazy for you. You may want to wait to make big life decisions, starting new ventures, making major purchases (especially involving electronics), and be sure not to get sucked into controversy or start arguments. Reflection, journaling, creativity, intuition, organizing, flexibility, and slowing down are all focal points during retrograde.  Expect delays in communication, travel, shipments, and issues involving anything electronic.  We go direct on 3/28 so hang tight for the next few weeks!

Citrine (a crystal) is a great way to increase positive communications, and the oils selected are positive and grounding.
Make your own Mercury retrograde roller!
To a roller ball containing citrine crystals (available on Etsy), add:
•9 drops frankincense
•11 drops myrrh
•9 drops ylang ylang
•2 drops lemongrass

Add oils to a 10 mL with carrier oil such as grapeseed or coconut oil.
•  Additional essential oil options for mercury retrograde: white Angelica, release, valor, and clary sage.

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