You know how December feels like you’re running for a finish line and you have a giant list of to-do’s to complete and your head is spinning in circles and you don’t know what end is up? I heard May called “Maycember” the other day and I laughed so hard because that summarizes May to the T. The end of the school year is near, and we have to cram ALLL the things in!

• I feel like my brain is no longer working this month. My short term memory is shot. If I don’t write it down, I forget it within 2 minutes. Not kidding… the other day I went to the fridge and opened it and then couldn’t remember what I needed. Then I thought “Oh I need to get the checkbook” so I walked over to the drawer and opened it and JUST LIKE THAT I stared into it, with not a clue why I walked over there. I legit thought I was coming down with dementia or something. I’m going to attribute it to having too many tabs open in my mind. It’s literally going 100 miles a minute, thinking of all the things I need to do, and I can’t stay focused on one topic long enough to write it down.

• Field trips and school parties and spring concerts….. Oh my! The boys each had a spring music concert this month- Hudson in orchestra and Porter in band. (It’s amazing to see how much they’ve improved since the beginning of the year.) Hudson has had 2 field trips this month plus a colonial day. Eloise has a class ice cream party. Porter had a field trip. Amelia had a Fun Run. There’s been a couple school “fun nights” we’ve skipped because I can’t even. I know I’m forgetting something. We haven’t even come up on field day for the kids and usually 2 of the schools have some kind of “end of the year carnival”.

• Within a 30 day period, we’re celebrating 3 birthdays in this house. Three. OMG. Amelia’s is at the end of April, and then Hudson and Eloise are May 20 and 24. Whose idea was this?! I’ve been in party planning mode for what seems like an eternity.

• Hudson turned 11 this month, and 2 years ago we decided on the kids’ 11th birthday we’d take them on a birthday trip- just Ryan and I. No siblings. Hudson originally picked Niagara Falls, but when I realized how close it was to drive, I wanted to take the whole family! So, we decided to do a family trip at the end of the school year (more planning!) and we’re taking Hudson to Chicago to see Hamilton!

• I decided to cram in Eloise’s birthday party + a 2 day, 1 night trip to Chicago with Hudson all over Memorial weekend. We’ll see if this was a good idea in a few days.

• The house is coming along. We have a running checklist on our pantry door in the kitchen to keep track of the things we need to work on. Building a house is no joke… and we’ve really barely begun! Negotiating contracts, plotting out the house + barns + driveway (and figuring out topography and all that), picking out cabinets, tree clearing, design decisions and more. This deserves a whole post on its own, though, so I’m going to dig into that update this week. Needless to say, it’s been overwhelming this month!

• Trying to keep up with work and work projects, planning an event for our team for Convention in July has felt like its constantly hovering over me yet I haven’t been able to give it my full attention. Months like this make me so thankful I can take a step back when needed, and so grateful for a team of amazing ladies who help keep our boat afloat!

• Mother’s Day. OH EM GEEE why is Mother’s Day in May? I mean… REALLY! It’s such a chaotic month and we’re supposed to stop and turn everything off for a day and relax and be celebrated? PSh. What is that even? And don’t forget, mom’s still have to do something nice for THEIR moms as well. This year I took on a big project for my mom and totally failed at having it ready by Mother’s Day. I spent the first half of the month busting my ass to complete it only to fall short. So… she’s getting her gift a few weeks late HAHA!

• 4H bake sale, orthodontist appointments, spring vet appointments for the horses and the dogs, conferences,

• Teacher Appreciation week was this month and I totally skipped it. I felt bad. Yes. I did. But I couldn’t even. No. I’m so sorry. I’ll make up for it with my end of the year teachers gifts, I promise. Speaking of… that’s another thing for Maycember’s list!

• All this on top of our normal schedule: The boys’ after school gym 3 days a week, Amelia’s bi-weekly riding lesson, t-ball games, 4H meeting, therapy, work, taking care of the animals, spring yard work… gahhh! Plus, it’s rained like 500 days this month.

WHEW! Anyone else feeling like they’re in front of a bulldozer just scraping you toward summer and you’re trying not to get buried? I know it can’t be just me!

  1. I can totally relate to the end of school year madness! I hate it and love it all at the same time. And I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who didn’t do teacher appreciation this year. I felt bad…kind of, but I’m just over this year. Haha!

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