eloise | 4 years

My sweet Eloise… Lulu… Louis… Louie Gabloey… it feels like in the blink of an eye you went from a tiny toddler to a little kid with strong opinions, a sense of humor and communication skills.   The older you get, the more and more I think you look just like me as a toddler.  Sometimes you’ll do something, or make an expression, and I just stare at you because it reminds me of my toddler pictures and I feel like I’m watching myself in a movie.  

The first thing you do when you get home from anywhere is take off your shoes AND socks.  You hate wearing socks.  (Me too, girlfriend!).  Come to think of it.. you hate wearing clothes, too.  You usually change your clothes as soon as you get home and your clothing of choice is usually a bathing suit or a leotard.  You’re such a girly girl and I love it.   You love wearing your “farkley kitty shoes”, painting your nails, dressing up, twirly dresses and wearing play jewelry.   You also hate bugs.  Like.  HATE bugs.  When you find an ant or other bug outside you freak out and want to go back inside.  You freak out when you see flies in the house.  I hope you outgrow this, because we’re moving to the woods and there are sure to be millions of bugs there!  

You love dancing, and you always ask me to dance with you- which means I’m required to pick you up and dance around the living room swinging you around.   I love dancing with you, sweet girl, and I hope you always have memories of this.   Your favorite songs lately are:  Wrecking Ball, Sunflower, The Breakup Song and The Middle.  In the car, you try so hard to sing along with your favorites and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

You also love playing with toys that “talk”… like Barbies, horses, Calico Critters, My Little Ponies, etc.  You ask me to play with you about 100 times a day, and well, I just don’t always have the ambition to pretend play anymore… so usually I brush the toys’ hair, or dress them, etc, and you nag on me every 2 minutes to “Play, mom!”  I’m sorry, love, that I’m just not that into playing pretend.   I hope you’ll forgive me.   I joke with daddy that we need to babysit another preschooler so you have a friend to play with at home during the day!

You haven’t slept a full night in your bed in who knows how long.  You go to sleep in your bed, alright… but it never fails… between 11pm and 1am you make your way downstairs, usually stopping by my office to give me a kiss, and go crawl into our bed.  Daddy wishes you’d stay in your bed, but I don’t mind snuggling with you.  I know you won’t do this forever and you’re the last baby.  You’ll outgrow it soon enough, and one day you won’t want to snuggle in-between mama and daddy anymore.   We always ask you, jokingly, when you’re going to start sleeping in your bed all night.  You always say “When I get a little bit bigger like AJ I’ll sleep in my own bed.”

 You have trouble with s’s and f’s and it’s so cute.  Some cute things you say incorrectly, but we all secretly adore: 
• Shlowers (flowers)
• Farkley (sparkly)
• Flone (phone)
• Fetfirt (sweatshirt)
• Finn (spin)

Eloise Claire, you complete our family so perfectly.   

A picture per month | May 2018 – April 2019

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