house update | may 2019

The question of the day around here (err around me) seems to be “How is your new house coming along? Are you still building? When do you break ground?” … so I thought I’d do a little update/recap of where we’re at in the process!

We started working with an architect last uhmmm May. So, a year ago. We had a general idea of how we wanted the first floor laid out (I modeled the first floor floorplan off of the Midway Farms house by Lane Myers. I did the virtual tour and knew immediately this was the floorplan I’d been hunting for! So, the first floor is SO similar, although we had to come up with a 2nd floor that worked for us. Anyhow, after MANY revisions and changes, we finally finalized our plans last fall/winter. We didn’t get the actual prints until I think… February or March though? When we started working with the architect, our builder said we could probably start building in September… HAHAHA! Yeah, we took way too much time analyzing those floorplans. But seriously… they are permanent…. its not like deciding on a tile and not liking it and easily being able to replace it!

Winter was super busy for us… we planned way too much travel (wait… is there such a thing as too much travel?) We went to Disney for a week in January, I was gone on a girls trip for a week in February, Ryan was gone another week in February for a guys work trip, and then March we went to Seaside for a week, and then Spain for a week in April!

During that time, we were debating between two builders, and weight the pros and cons and looking over bids they’d given us. We finally settled on a builder while we were on spring break, but didn’t meet with him until we were back from Spain a few weeks later. After we missed the September building deadline, I was aiming for as soon as we could break ground in the spring… thinking… April? Yeah. Well. That didn’t happen.

So, here we are… the end of May. The past month has been busy, but the slow progress we are making isn’t visible. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

• We negotiated our contract with our builder. Our lawyer went over it and made some adjustments to protect us a little better, so we had to negotiate a few things.

• We sent in paperwork for financing with the bank, so that was/is a 6 week+ wait. We’re still waiting on that (but I am hearing from Ryan the hold up is because we need to send in our kitchen plans/final quote + appliance selections). Oops.

• We met with the cabinet builder and picked out cabinets for the kitchen, laundry room and all the bathrooms. This was SO hard to make decisions for! Especially the kitchen. I have said I could design about 14 kitchens with all the ideas I had. We ended up deciding on black lower cabinets (and island) and white uppers. We’ll do marble/quartz countertops on the exterior cabinets and the island (10’x4′) will have a wood top.

• Ryan went and picked out appliances, and came in under budget. WOOT WOOT! I told him that I kind of feel challenged to try to come in under budget from the quote our builder gave us. Like… how much can I price shop and get cheaper and try to prove that it can be done? HAHAH! I’m pretty certain it won’t happen because there are a lot of things that I know we’re upgrading slightly, and the things I know I can come in cheaper in price on won’t add up to THAT much in the grand scheme of things. But I’m up for a challenge!.

• The biggest issue right now is the plot plan. And I could totally use some help if anyone is talented in this are. We had the surveyor come out and rough stake the house/horse barn/septic field/pole barn and horse pastures… from where I had placed it on our property in Photoshop. I had everything to scale, and thought I had everything in the right places but when we staked them out its just not going to work. I didn’t have a topo map and didn’t realize where all the hills were. SO… we’re back to scratch on where to place all the out buildings. We rotated the house and shifted it about 50 feet, but I have no idea where the best place for the barn and pole barn is, allowing the driveway to connect both, and then horse pastures and an outdoor arena. Right now the property is hilly and full of trees…. so it is SO hard to visualize. We need it functional, yet I want it aesthetically pleasing as well! I know the barn needs to face a certain way, and I have specific needs for the pastures, but ultimately just have no idea how to place it all!

So right now we’re waiting for an adjusted quote from the cabinet guy, trying to decide on where to plot out barns and driveway, then going to re-stake and then clear trees…. and then start digging the hole! WOOT WOOT! Everything hinges on everything else, and I feel like we’re going to take forever with this process. I am anxious about it, but when I find myself getting grumpy at how slow this process has been, and how long of a road we have in front of us I keep telling myself that no matter how slow it seems, the house will get built and we will move in in this lifetime. The time will pass regardless, and I just need to stay patient!

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