perk test

6.26.19. | PERK TEST

This is actually the second perk test we’ve had done. The first was before we bought the property. And stupidly didn’t even know our property lines and had no clue where we’d even put a house. 😂😂. (A perk test is a soil test to make sure the soil will be good to put in a septic system/drain field. Since we are out in the country, we don’t hook up to a city sewer system)

Luckily, everything went smoothly and we got 3 holes, all with good soil. We will be doing a bed system for our septic field (y’all…. I have no idea what I’m talking about TBH. But I think this is correct 😂😂). We had to move the drain field over slightly, which will adjust where our barn and driveway layout is but…. that means we get to keep this huge, gorgeous tree in the back yard! 🙌🏻

Next up….. wait. Wait for the surveyor to come out and plot the perk spots on our plot plan, then get that into the township (county??) to get approval to put a drain field in…. then apply for permits for…. our well and something else but I can’t remember.

We also will have our tree guy come out soon to start clearing the land (we are going to mark a bunch of good trees to keep and while building in the middle of overgrown woods is a lot of work, I love that we will have instant, mature trees on our property! A lot of our woods is overgrown with wild olive (I think that’s what it is) which is an invasive species and it’ll actually be good to clear that out.

I feel like this whole process so far has been “Take a step. Sit and wait. One step forward. Sit and wait.” It feels agonizingly slooooow. Especially for me. I’m a “once I put my mind to something I want it done like yesterday” kind of girl. I know a lot of the hold up has been us, as we painstakingly overanalyzed the floorplan and took forever finalizing that, and this spring we traveled so much we just kind of put the building process on hold for a few months…. but now that we are moving forward and IN IT I’m like “snap snap” let’s get this shit done! And I want everyone doing all the things that can get done ASAP. 😂. This will be a huuuge test in patience and a good skill for me to learn to just be OKAY with the process and to know that the end will be in sight regardless of what hold ups we have.

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