horse club

A few weeks ago Amelia came to me and said she wanted to have a “horse club” and teach her friends about horses- how to care for them, ride them, and lead them around (emphasis on leading errr “leeding” HAHA). She was super excited, wanted to plan it all out and was already starting to write out invitations to her “horse club”.  I was like… “Uhm… that’s what 4-H is for, kiddo…. ” but quickly realized I wasn’t about to squash her excitement and desire to plan and create and dream of things.

We settled on a “playdate” of some sort (at least, that’s how it’s going to go in my mind) as opposed to a daily camp, running from July 7-18, which were the dates she poked her pencil down on the calendar as she was planning this all out. I also squashed the riding part because mama is no riding instructor and I’m not opening up that liability. 

She drew invitations (the cutest ever) and I made a few copies for her to take to school.   She planned out what she was going to do during the  “camp”  (play horseopoly, brush Charlie, lead him around).  She ended up having one friend show up, and they brushed Charlie, led him around, played Horseopoly, had a snack and then played outside for a bit.  

I love that she had the idea to (attempt) to bring her friends together and teach them about something she loves.  

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