first trail ride

This weekend the boys, Ryan’s and his dad spent some time at the property cleaning up the trails and staking/stringing the house outline. ⁣

Today I took Amelia for her first real trail ride (until now she’s only ridden on the roads with me, or in the arena at the barn she rides at). She loved the trails, and especially loved running up and down the hills at the back of our property behind the ravine. There are 3 pretty good sized hills for the kids to ride atv’s up, and Amelia figures out they’re a lot of fun to run up on horses too! ⁣

She’s such a brave little rider, and I adore having such a fun little riding partner. Her biggest goals right now are to learn to canter and jump with Charlie, and she dreams of riding in the mounted police with him when she grows up. Her heart and spirit. My word. I just love her. ⁣

And what can I say about Charlie boy. He’s such a trooper on the trails and in the arena (and went over his first jump the other day with one of the older riders at the barn. I was like a proud mama recording him 😂) and keeps my girl safe. I’m so thankful for him, and for Angie Solomon for finding this sweet boy for us.

OHHH and we spotted a sweet baby deer on our ride, just resting at the side of the trail. He eyed us for a bit and then got up and ran off. SO cute!

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