gallup park

Soaking up our last few days of summer, squeaking in a trip the last few days before school starts. Kayaking with 4 kids wasn’t quite as peaceful as with just one kiddo, but we had a good time! (ahem. specifically the part about kayaking with 2 tween/teen boys who could argue over the color of the sky)

Hudson got stuck in lily pads a ways behind us and I’m pretty sure I heard him yell obscenities. Ryan and I kept paddling and cracking up. He’s so our kid.

Amelia and I made a pretty good paddling team (or is it rowing?!). Our next mother/daughter adventure will be a kayaking race and I’m pretty sure we’d kick some butt.

Lulu loved sticking her hand in the water and she surprised me by not getting bored at all (probably because kayaking includes zero walking- if you know Lulu, she hates walking. Pretty sure we will still need a stroller for her when she’s 10 😂).

I think Porter wished he could be hanging with the teens who were bridge jumping , but I think he had a good time, too.

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