spreading her wings

In my eyes, she’s forever 2 years old. But the reality is, she’s 4 now and soon heading off to preschool 3 mornings a week. This is my last year with her home more than she’s gone and I can’t explain what a mess this makes my heart. Next year I might just need to be sedated come Labor Day weekend because Imma be a mess. And it doesn’t surprise me that I continue to think of homeschooling- not because I need/want to be around my kids 24/7 but because I don’t want my babies to grow up and it seems like a logical plan to keeping them small, right? (The answer is no, it doesn’t work that way Nicole). And c’mon let’s be real…. it’s nice to have a break and if they were home all the time I’d get nothing done!

Anyhow…. she’s the funniest, sassiest little thing ever and I know she’s so ready to spread her wings a little more and have some friends to play with (also: mama is tired of playing puppies and ponies and pretend 😂)

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