copycat cinnabon monkey bread

I don’t love to cook.  In our house, my husband primarily cooks dinner and he’s pretty damn good at it.   I CAN cook.  I’d probably go so far as to say I’m a good cook as well (when I’m forced to do it HAHA) but I don’t generally love cooking meals.  

Baking however… Oh my word I love baking.  Anything sweet.  MMMM.   Get in my belly.   (on the flip side… Ryan rarely bakes sweets… except chocolate chip banana nut bread. I guess we balance each other out pretty well).  

This morning I threw together a fast, quick, EASY recipe for Monkey Bread.   But I’d actually like to call it Copycat Cinnabon because holy YUM.   I’m not a baking blogger, but I do like to share recipes (or general “throw this in a bowl and bake and hope for the best) when I come across something yummy.  SO here goes.  

You need:
• Pizza Dough (used the ready made stuff in a can… you could use biscuits too, which I normally do, but we only had a random can of pizza dough in the fridge bought for who knows what and it’s just been an orphan taking up space)
• Sugar
• Cinnamon
• Brown Sugar (not necessary)
• Butter
• Cream Cheese
• Powdered Sugar
• Butter
• Vanilla

Sounds like a recipe for 5lbs more on the scale, right?   Well.  Whatever.  Its delicious.  Stick with me. 

• I pulled the pizza dough out of the can and kept it rolled up.  Sliced 1/2” slices (like cookies) and then cut that into fourths.  So you’ll have like 1/2” square cubes of dough. 

• Melt ohhh maybe 1/4-1/2 cup butter?

• In a bowl put about 1/2 cup white sugar, 1 TBSP cinnamon, and maybe… a tablespoon brown sugar (if you want).  Mix.

• Spray a 9×9 pan with olive oil or vegetable oil

• Dip your dough in butter, coat in sugar mixture and plop into pan.  

• Bake at 350 for…. Oh 15 minutes?   (I really don’t know.  I started at 10.. added 2 minute  increments as I saw the middle of the pan was still super doughy.)

(all measurements are approximate and can be adjusted as you want)

1 TBSP Butter
2 TBSP Cream Cheese (Amelia said it was too cream cheese-y)
About… uh… 1/2 cup powdered sugar??
1tsp vanilla

Mix with a hand mixer until… icing like.   Add more or less of each ingredient as you wish.  With that list, you can’t make it taste bad, promise. 

Pull Monkey Bread out of oven and cool for a few minutes… scoop into bowls and plop on some icing.  EAT!  

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