what’s one more?

You know the families who just have the biggest vision and hearts for a big family and have like 10 kids?  Well… we’re headed that way with our pets (ok.  Uhm.  we’re already there…).  I’m pretty sure from a young age my family knew I’d have a plethora of furry family members once I had my own home and I have yet to disappoint them.   I was always bringing home stray puppies from carnivals (true story), sneaking in kittens as birthday presents (true story, again), saving my money for cockatiels and hamster and guinea pigs and newts.  Not kidding.  What is wrong with me?  

ANYHOW… I follow lots of rescues and shelters online, and am always secretly waiting for a sign that someone should join our home.  There’s always room for more.  But I’m also a believer that there’s a certain connection, or feeling, that I get.  5 years ago when I saw Drakes hairless, scrawny ass on the Jackson County Animal Shelter FB page I just knew he needed us.  He had this look in his eyes.  He was a kind soul.   I won’t say it was easy bringing him home.  He brought baggage… he’d been a scavenger for food (there was some possession issues we dealt with), he was grumpy because he didn’t feel good.  He bit Ryan once and nipped my niece.  It almost felt like we’d failed.  But we never gave up on him.  We gave him time and space and that boy was SUCH a good decision.  We love him to pieces (though our bank account hates him quite frequently) , and he’s left his baggage behind and is the sweetest old man ever.

Where was I going with this.  This snaggle toothed face.   SO a few weeks ago I saw this face on the Detroit Animal Care and Control page.  I immediately felt drawn to his sweet, soulful eyes.  He jus had this kind look to him.  Porter and I drove up on Monday to see him after checking with the shelter.  When we got there, we were told that we couldn’t see him because he was in quarantine for Kennel Cough.  The volunteers there all raved about him (even though they had over 200 dogs, he stood out as THE SWEETEST guy).  We browsed the other animals, my heart broke, I took pictures and we decided we’d come back.  I had thought that we’d go home, my senses would kick in and I’d realize we don’t *need* a 4th dog and let it go.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about him this week.  I called again to check up on him and was told we COULD take him home, he WAS available to be adopted by anyone, but it wasn’t recommended if we have other pets.  I kept researching the Animal Shelter and my heart kept breaking at the statistics surrounding them.  I knew we needed to go back. 

Saturday, the 3 big kids and I went to see him… thinking we’d get an idea if we loved him and come back, or possibly take him home and quarantine him in the heated pole barn.   The first volunteer we met was nonchalant when we told her we were looking for a specific dog in quarantine, but when I told her “Davul” her eyes lit up and she said “He’s my FAVORITE!  Oh my gosh.   Seriously.  I love him.  He’s so sweet.”   She pepped right up and went to take us back to quarantine to take him on a solo walk outside away from the general population of the shelter.   The back of the shelter was so sad and depressing.  When the kind gentleman in charge of the quarantine animals brought him out he, too, told us how much he liked “Davul” and while we walked him we all immediately knew he was a sweet old guy.  We told him we wanted to take him, and back up front we ran back into the first volunteer and she hugged my and was so excited to hear I was taking him home. 

And here we are.   He’s home.  He’s so sweet.  He’s bathed and warm in the barn.  Porter and I went to get him a dog bed and a bunch of bones and toys and Porter picked out a sweatshirt for him since his fur is SO thin (and he’s very underweight right now).  He knows how to sit, and stay for a few seconds.  He’s so willing to please.  We’re praying that come Wednesday, when he’s off meds and hopefully not exhibiting any coughing anymore (we’re also using Thieves and RC on his chest to help!), that introductions to the dogs and cats will go over well.  That will be the clincher… I’m scared he will be a cat chaser (though he’s seen the cats outside and acts curious and interested, but doesn’t lunge or bark or anything) or dog aggressive (though at the shelter they said he was very non-interested in other dogs through the runs).  

This guy does need a name, though… so if you have ideas, let us know!   So far the top runners are Moose (P’s favorite but I don’t think he looks like a Moose), Bo/Beau (Ryan), Oscar (Hudson… I like it and think Ozzie is so cute!), Gus, Rocco, Duke and Gibbs.  

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